‘My contribution to my ecosystem’

The idea behind this sequel is to reiterate that an ecosystem is created by those who don’t belong. Before we realize that we belong to an ecosystem we are actually in it because our interests and the gaps existing in … Continue reading

An ecosystem is created by those who don’t belong

This is not a science journal. Every pattern and rule has exceptions. This article introduces a pattern close to Darwin’s theory but for a different purpose. Darwin’s theory advocates “survival of the fittest“. I am extending it to survival of the smartest – … Continue reading


Here is what might shock you that an initial investment of Rs.7,000 is now a Rs. 9 crore worth business.
Who bagged it all?
It is the 42 year old Nina Lekhi who made this fortune by manufacturing and designing unique hand bags. She started this business when she was as early as 19 years. Initially she managed the show single handed and now the firm Baggit has been scaled up to 150 employees. http://www.baggit.com
Bravo Lady Entreprenuer!!!!!!!