Women and writing is like child and idea bearing

English: Mother and child.

English: Mother and child. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When women choose to be writers, most of the time they bring their natural instincts to make that decision. It is seen that with the outburst of content marketing, there is a rise in the need for writers. These vacancies are mostly filled by women who prefer to work from home and the best part is that firms prefer such people because women tend to pay attention to writing like they do while they are parenting.

Let us investigate the analogy in the title.

A writer bears an idea in the mind. Takes time to nurture and groom it with information lingering in the mind, shape it with reality and draft an outline for an article. Finally presents the thought in sequence, to transmit the same into the reader’s mind. A closer look at this process, shows resemblances with the way ‘ a writer bears the idea in their mind like a mother bears a child in her womb’.

The writer nurtures the thought process, the process being mentioned in one of my earlier articles; the way a mother takes all the care and time to feed and nurture a child in her womb. The mothers bears the child until it is time for the world to receive it just like it is time for the idea to shape into an article. Excitement at the time of conception of an idea to a writer is no different from the happiness a mother receives upon knowing that she has conceived a child.

The writer delivers a new perspective to the world and a mother delivers a new life. Both add value to the world. It is for us to decide if is good or not and allow the same to influence our life. A writer and a mother both make an effort to perform their duties rightfully, end of the day, it is the audience who will be the only judges to accept it or exclude it.

The writer in this article is referred neutrally, but the analogy is made to a woman. For an entrepreneur it is no different. Writing or entrepreneurship to a person is like pregnancy or parenting to a woman.


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