‘My contribution to my ecosystem’

The idea behind this sequel is to reiterate that an ecosystem is created by those who don’t belong. Before we realize that we belong to an ecosystem we are actually in it because our interests and the gaps existing in a sphere bring us together. The work just begins.

People who have no deliberate or evident reason to be a part of an industrial ecosystem start contributing in some way or the other.

How can I contribute to my industry’s ecosystem?

Leadership: Leading people in a new direction to fill the gaps that exist. Empowering and enlightening people around you about their ability to make a difference.

Mentoring: Sharing your experiences from a different world and opening up theirs while offering a new perspective.

Teaching/Coaching: Teaching or coaching people with the skill you have. Creating a learning culture and promoting a community of learners.

Niche sector offering: Offering services to niche segment which otherwise do not exist in a given ecosystem.

Media and publishing: Making a loud effort by publishing about hot industry news and stories that could add value to the growth of an industry.

Share your thoughts on how would you contribute to the ecosystem we are surviving in. How would you make a difference?

My contribution to my ecosystem‘ is an article in making which extends how smart people find their niche to add value to the ecosystem they belong to. An ecosystem is created by those who don’t belong is the prelude to this article.


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