Social Media trending – 2013

We see people involving themselves into social media more intensively by each day. Such enthusiastic inclusion by the users has changed the dimensions  of social media as an industry. From 2000 to 2012 we saw the growth of IT and outsourcing industry determining the lives of people. Now the bubble is expanding out of this, evidently emerging out of this which is ‘social media’.

Social Media 2013 trend

In the days when IT outsourcing as a function began, the eventuality was replication of outsourcing in every business function. Such emergence gave birth to the need domain expertise. People who had niche knowledge about a specific subject matter were the blue eyed associates to the management.

Now we see similar patterns evolving in the social media industry. While new designations like social media manager, social listener, social content creator have cropped up, their job descriptions are harping for specialization and expertise in distinct areas based on the product being sold. Especially those who are designated to answer questions, post comments and respond to the audience engaging in various social media platforms of a brand need to have enough knowledge of what they are typing as responses in those little boxes.

Social media marketing is a cross breed developed out of three bubbles: information technology, media and marketing. Interesting side to it is that when we have to consider it’s back-end we will another bubble contributing to it growth which is ‘outsourcing’.

What can we see after this?

We eventually need social media managers to be domain experts. They should be able to answer questions posed by audiences on different platforms, driving them towards the end objective of such presence. These corporate socialists need to be someone within the company exclusively meant for this job or someone specially assigned in the social media team by your service provider or an independent influencer or maven who is willing to spend enough time to speak or share messages about your brand.

I shared what I see. Share your thoughts on how social media industry would trend in the future.


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