Why ghost writers can’t be in the limelight?

Ghost writers silently work at the background to communicate someone else’s thought in the forefront. As ghost writers we work as instruments who can translate a person’s message into literature. We work on someone else’s flow of thoughts. The idea and intent do not belong to us. In the process of writing for someone else we slowly get habituated to the process of writing and thinking for someone rather than writing and sharing what we think.  In this process writers draft and beautify a thought by giving it a body and structure. It is never the writer’s own thought.

When writers write something of their own, such piece contains their originality. Writers presenting their original thoughts adopt the following process:

Meditate: While writers meditate in a field about something, that is when they get some clarity about a subject. This observation is not confined to writers, it happens with anyone who is seeking for answers.

Ideate: The state of meditation transits to silence and out of which appears an idea. An idea that the author actually intends to present. The intent that influenced the author to mellow about a subject matter.

Research and investigate: The writer then researches about the subject. Investigates to share his insights to his/her audience.

Draft: This is when the actual writing begins. A writer at this stage prepares a draft that provides the framework for the article to evolve.

Aligning facts and age appropriate notes: While preparing the article a writer further aligns his flow of thoughts with facts and trending matters.

Review and proof reading: A necessary step or perhaps in management terminology a ‘quality check’ that lets the writer push the article out of the factory into market.

Publish: Simple yet strategic is the act of publishing. This step requires a thorough understanding about time and positioning of the article which is followed by marketing.

While originality requires all this, as ghost writers we may start from step 3 or step 4. Then, is ghost writing unhealthy for aspiring writers. The answer is ‘balancing between your profession as a ghost writer and publishing your own content is key to a writer’s growth.’

As a ghost writer, one does not feel threatened or have the fear of risk involved in presenting one’s perception. This tendency initiates the ghost to dwell in place of a writer’s originality.  The writer feels cozy and stays in the dark without making an effort to show up in limelight. Ghost writers hence are not perceived as inventors or innovators, only presenters.

Then, what should ghost writers do? Are you serious about this question, the answer is to write more! Write with an identity that brings colour to your style.

If you find the my views to be rude and biased, let me tell you something, I am a ghost writer myself 😉





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