The Finished Poem of our Unfinished Journey

A-midst the unlit candles, he came like a light and shook my hands,

Approached me with a blissful smile and said, “Would you accompany me to the faraway lands”,

He said, he loved me for what I was and all the simplicity,

But, soon an evil spell cast upon him and moved away from me with miles measuring infinity,

The western lands and solitude sang a song of my love for him,

The spell was broken for the song had filled his heart with love to the brim.

The splurge of ego in me didn’t want to listen to his plead,

And kept on declining as thy felt he did a sinful deed.

People in love cannot disown each other for long,

As I knew the citadels built in my beloved’s heart is where I belong.

Love surpassed Ego; the angels got us back together,

And reinforced that pure love would never shatter.

In this journey of discovering each other, we had surprises and moments of adventure,

And some more down the lane which we are yet to venture.

Thanks for holding my hand and making my life beautiful,

I shall try very hard to hold the fort for you and let your dreams fulfill.


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