An ecosystem is created by those who don’t belong

This is not a science journal. Every pattern and rule has exceptions. This article introduces a pattern close to Darwin’s theory but for a different purpose. Darwin’s theory advocates “survival of the fittest“. I am extending it to survival of the smartest – those who are most frustrated by inefficiencies.

The words captured here are an attempt to share a behavior surfaced over observation. An industry’s ecosystem is mostly created by someone who does not enjoy most of the benefits available latent in the system. These people are dejected and unhappy with what they are receiving from the community. They are not getting enough to achieve what they have to.

Industries interact cross- functionally and across different verticals. During such interaction some people tend to get disappointed by unavailability of a necessary support structure for the industry to grow. If one of these unhappy persons chooses to address the lacuna, that is when action begins for the birth of an ecosystem.

At the outset of an ecosystem, patterns that dawn bring in few common entities to form a system that supports the industry.  Some of the common entities noticed during the construction of an ecosystem are a body of industry association, consumer groups, networking platforms, educational hubs and partners for collaboration.

The ilk leaders who start these entities need not be someone from the league or industry. They typically are strong observers of a trend or someone who is dejected out of the ill-equipped ecosystem.

Then, where is the pattern of survival of smartest. The smartest or rather the most observant and most victimized people try to structure and put things into place through collaboration and equating need with solution.

Buddha, who was a king gave birth to a new religion. Steve Jobs, an engineer gave birth to a new perception called Apple and introduced the importance of design. The examples can flow on… Survival of smartest is a prelude to the theory of evolution for ecosystems.

An ecosystem is created by those who don’t belong.

My contribution to my ecosystem‘ is an article in making which extends how smart people find their niche to add value to the ecosystem they belong to.


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