Is India all about offline?

With expounding metrics about internet and mobile markets in India since 2006, can we agree that India is all about offline? Has the mindset of Indian consumer shifted from using traditional channels of distribution to the online channels?

The rise in the number of online startups and online customers is not a realistic representation of the Indian online story.  Some business stories are still operating in the real world with innovative ideas instead of shifting their user interface on a virtual platform.

Though there are great online business models cropping up in India, we all need to reconcile with the fact that the cost of customer acquisition online still remains pricey. Some other such factors which make it difficult for the online sellers to develop a sustained business model are creating innovative business models at the ground level. Here are a few business stories, who are digging tunnels underground to reach the pot of gold.

1. Just Dial: ‘Justdial’ has now become a common phrase for consumers in India for local search of business outlets. As a brand, they have penetrated across the diverse geography in India. All they need you to have is a phone. They believe and have proved that in India communication through phone/mobile, is faster and more used than through online channels. For those who do not know Justdial, it is a process driven company which has replaced traditional local search (print yellow pages) channel to connect businesses and customers through phone which has a better penetration in India compared to Internet.

2.       Suvidhaa as the name suggests facilitated transactions in an offline mode. It offered a sop which consolidates and facilitates cash transactions to various service providers via offline network despite the penetration of internet banking, debit & credit cards. It has started a revolution called S-commerce value added services.

3.       YNew is another such startup which is consolidating unorganized market of re-commerce & an alternative for online classifieds with an unparalleled value proposition for sellers and buyers. They offer re-furbished, factory seconds and other second hand electronics to begin with. They have adopted a retail chain model to revolutionize and establish the re-commerce space in India.

Their customer acquisition and marketing is majorly done offline; they have meager online presence. These bubbling enterprises feel that online support works great as an ancillary system but the real work happens offline in India.

Disclaimer: The content provided is original and is created by Nischala Agnihotri. Any duplication of this copy and originality in the idea is subject to legal implication.


One thought on “Is India all about offline?

  1. Nice perspective, especially with the current urban entrepreneur assuming Internet as the base for startups. Even company names are chosen based on domain availability.

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