Diverse content for different media

” Diverse content for different media”, I want to shout this out as loud as possible. It is high time that organizations understand, what type of content needs to be used in each of the social media channels. It is sad to see that the marketing manager or the CEO does not have enough time to review the content produced. Due to this managerial laxity, content producers are asked to generate one piece of content which would be replicated over all channels.

Each media is meant for a different purpose and different audience. ‘Purpose’ and ‘Audience’ are both key to any marketing strategy or campaign. Then why can’t we apply the same for social media campaigns.

Brands must be cautious of the representation and speech while generating content.  What I mean by this, is that, the brand needs to figure out who is speaking to whom.

Brand to consumers

Brand to customers

Customers to consumers

Consumers to customers

Customers to Brand

Consumers to Brand (or)

A dialogue between other related stakeholders

This bit that I just shared is not ‘strategy’, it is common sense about communication. “Marketers and brands, please wake up to this basic principle and start applying to communicate the right message to the intended audience.” Hence, choose relevant media to distribute such content. This is simple social media!




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