Copy writing versus Content writing

I have addressed this topic and mentioned the differences between copy writing and content writing in one of my articles on HCC. The reason I am again throwing light on this is because, as content writing and marketing are new concepts that have touched the digital marketing sphere, startups and businesses have little understanding about it. They look at and understand copy writing and content writing to be synonymous.

The very fact that they are two different phrases should give us an understanding that they are two different aspects. Copy writing is a traditional form of writing copy for a firm’s branding or other marketing purposes. It is as simple as writing. Copy writers work closely with brand managers and web designers to communicate about the firm’s brand. The matter was mostly in the form of text, concept or idea. The scope of copy writing stops starts with conceptualization and ends with writing.

Content writing is more than all this. In this phrase the definition of writing changes to crafting, designing and strategizing. Hence it is about using a set or combination of content out of text, idea, image, video, books, audio and so on to market a firm’s brand.

  • It involves understanding the firm’s and its brand’s positioning.
  • Choosing a combination of content to market it
  • Creating content
  • Choosing channels to distribute such content
  • Engaging with customers using such content

For a firm, it is important to chalk out the objectives of hiring a content marketeer. Even though you are hiring them to draft simple copy for your website, they should also know how to market it. If they don’t them you are paying pricey amount to hire a simple COPY WRITER. Your content writer should have enough knowledge about online marketing tools and SEO to write the appropriate content and sell it too!


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