What is content marketing? Basics of content marketing

In response to my changed title on Linkedin, I get emails from them with questions like “What is content marketing?” , “How do we use it for our business?”, “Why does my company need to pay attention to content marketing?” … Continue reading

‘My contribution to my ecosystem’

The idea behind this sequel is to reiterate that an ecosystem is created by those who don’t belong. Before we realize that we belong to an ecosystem we are actually in it because our interests and the gaps existing in … Continue reading

Social Media trending – 2013

We see people involving themselves into social media more intensively by each day. Such enthusiastic inclusion by the users has changed the dimensions  of social media as an industry. From 2000 to 2012 we saw the growth of IT and … Continue reading

An ecosystem is created by those who don’t belong

This is not a science journal. Every pattern and rule has exceptions. This article introduces a pattern close to Darwin’s theory but for a different purpose. Darwin’s theory advocates “survival of the fittest“. I am extending it to survival of the smartest – … Continue reading

Creativity is structured scatter

I saw an interesting debate on “how can entrepreneurs follow processes while entrepreneurs are meant to be creative?” in one of the entrepreneur forums on google groups. Creative attitude is for some reason stereotyped by scatter and little planning. Though … Continue reading